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#LatestUpdate : At least 35 people are dead in Club attack in Istambul Turkey
#WaronTerror,#LatestUpdate ;When Santas bring the death !
 #BreakingNews,#WaronTerror : Report by Turkish TV :  Gunmen attack night Club in Istanbul !
 #Business |Lords of War : Saudi Arabia first, India second and Pakistan third largest arms purchaser.
#Entertainment | Debbie said  : "It's not natural to outlive your child,"
#Business,#Media : Google Pixel smartphones now have a similar battery problem to Apple iPhone 7 devices
#Business,#USPolitics : Trump lauds 8,000 telecom jobs coming back to US
#Miami_Chronicles : Suspect was half of duo who kidnapped, robbed women around South Florida, police say
#USPolitics - Trump said : ‘No way!’  when Obama claims that he would have beaten him in election
#TopStory-#WarOnTerror :Jihadist who sent his 8 years old daughter on suicide mission in Syria is dead
#Chicago_Chronicles : An epidemic of killings during the Christmas week end
#Entertainment : Deep Shock for Star System :George Michael died at 53 ! ( photos)
#WaronTerror :Turkish army says Islamic State attack in Syria's al-Bab killed 30 civilians
#Disaster,#Earthquake : Indonesia marks tsunami 12 years ago with prayers
#Entertainment,#Music: George Michael of Wham! dies at 53 (video content)
#US_Politics : Trump To Dissolve His Foundation In Effort To Avoid Conflicts Of Interest
#LatestUpdate : Russian military plane with 92 on board crashes en route to Syria
#BreakingNews : Russian military plane crashed in the Black Sea en route to Syria.
#USPolitics : Trump draws flood of criticism for agreeing with Putin that one ‘must learn to lose with dignity’
#USPolitics : Trump creates National Trade council to deal with trade pacts & US jobs
#Science : NASA ‘space laser’ detects eco-disaster in ocean
#SocialMedia : Your social media addiction is giving you depression