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#LosAngeles_Chronicles : Phone scams cost victims thousands, LAPD warns

Authorities are warning the elderly and others to watch out for telephone scams involving family members in trouble and requests for immediate payments — often using gift cards — that have cost victims thousands of dollars.

Los Angeles police Officer Sandra Zamora of the Devonshire Division said on Tuesday that “common” scams include the caller describing a relative in jail who needs bail money, a family member being held for ransom, or an elderly person being told they owe money immediately.

People have lost between $4,000 and $10,000 for the jail and ransom scams in particular, the officer said.

“They come into the station to file a report, but the reality is the scammers use Google (phone) numbers so we can’t track it,” Zamora said.

Other types of scams involve people calling and acting as if they’re with the Internal Revenue Service or technical support for a computer, Zamora explained.

“It started in the summer — and it’s just been every day, it seems, like at least a couple of people say they were scammed,” she said.

Those caught in the scam are told to immediately wire the money or purchase a gift card from a retailer like Target and then scratch off the number on the back and give the code.

“People are falling for that,” Zamora said, adding the scammers will do research where they find out the name of a family member or have someone screaming in the background to make the incident sound authentic.

“A lot of people can be gullible because they don’t know what’s going on, especially when it’s a grandchild or someone else asking for help,” Zamora said. “We have pamphlets here at the front desk. A lot of elderly people are losing their money, but they aren’t getting it back. ... The long story short is if anybody is asking you to pay with any type of gift card, it’s not legit.”
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