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#Election2016 : Topless protesters arrested at Trump's polling place

Today's the day when the old cliche is true: The only poll that counts is the one on election day. 


So what do the final election day polls show for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? Well, pretty much what they've been showing.

“Our polls have shown Clinton’s lead in the national popular vote to be remarkably stable despite the many apparent twists and turns in the campaign,” said Jon Cohen, the chief research officer for SurveyMonkey.

“All fall, Clinton has maintained a lead over Trump, with her margin hovering in a narrow band between four and six percentage points.”

SurveyMonkey has polled more than 1 million Americans over the last 11 months, providing a pool of data that is bigger than any previous effort. Its final poll sits at the high end of what it has found for the year, showing Clinton leading Trump 47% to 41%, with 6% for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee, and 3% for Jill Stein of the Green Party.

Overall, SurveyMonkey estimates Clinton's chances of winning at 96%.

The final ABC/Washington Post tracking poll offers a very similar look — 47% for Clinton, 43% for Trump in a two-way contest. In the four-way matchup, the survey shows Clinton at 49%, Trump 46%, Johnson 4% and Stein 1%.

The IBD tracking poll, which generally has shown stronger results for Trump, offers a split verdict — Clinton ahead by one point in the two-way matchup, Trump ahead by two in the four-way.

The USC/LA Times "Daybreak" tracking poll, which consistently has shown a stronger result for Trump than any of the other surveys, has him ahead by three points, 47% to 44%. That's down two points since yesterday. The poll has a considerable lag time, so it's likely just now beginning to show the bounce-back for Clinton that some other surveys showed earlier this week.

Several other national surveys released on Monday were consistent with a Clinton lead of about four points. She was ahead by that amount in surveys by CBS, Fox News and YouGov. Polls by Reuters and Bloomberg both had Clinton ahead by three points, while a final poll by Monmouth University had her up by six.

Finally, a last few polls in battleground states offered a similar view: Clinton led by one or two points in three nonpartisan polls conducted in Florida. Three final polls in North Carolina resulted in a tie, a one-point lead for Clinton and a two-point lead for her.
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