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#Business,#Election2016 : Stock markets nervously await election results

Market action could hinge on one or two moments - for example the Florida result, key for Trump’s chances for the presidency, is vitally important.

This will create some big opportunities in some of the most exposed markets, particularly around some of the key currency pairs, stocks and gold. 

But a word of warning - there could be some wild gyrations in prices, making this potentially the most turbulent trading sessions since Brexit. Looking to the results, if key states start to lean towards Trump, we may see sizeable risk-off selling as investors flee to havens like the Swiss franc, Japanese yen and gold. US government bond yields could sink and gold would soar.


Turbulence could come quickly – polls in the vital swing states of Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina close between 7pm and 8pm (EST), which is midnight-1am GMT. You can expect markets to be highly sensitive to the results from these states. If they are called for either side early we will have a very clear idea about where the markets are headed.
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