Texas : 6th Street shooting suspect arrested near Atlanta

The man who police say opened fire, killing a woman and injuring four others on 6th Street early Sunday morning is now in custody.

Endicott McCray, 24
Endicott McCray, 24, was wanted on a murder charge when he was captured at a bus station in East Point, Ga, just outside of Atlanta Wednesday morning. The U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force tells KXAN that one of its members spotted McCray wearing a rain coat and noted that it caught his attention because rain coats are unusual this time of year.

The Marshals Service moved in and took McCray into custody without incident.

The brother of the 30 year-old woman shot in the head, Ricky Moultrie tells KXAN News he can now start mourning his sister’s death.

“I didn’t doubt for one second they’d catch him. It was just a matter of time when they would catch him,” Moultrie told KXAN News from his home in Las Vegas. “When something like this happens, they (law enforcement) keep their foot on the pedal.”

According to court records, McCray got into a fight with his brother-in-law. A friend of McCray’s wife says a group of them were out when she saw McCray’s wife’s brother “shove” McCray. In response, witnesses say McCray pulled out a handgun that he had in his waistband and pointed the gun at his brother-in-law. Police say he fired one shot into the ground, then raised the firearm, turned it sideways and fired “up to four more gunshots.”

Teqnika Marie Moultrie was killed as she walked down a crowded sidewalk with her wife and friends. Three other people suffered serious gunshot wounds in the attack.

McCray is scheduled for an extradition hearing on Thursday at 11 a.m. in Atlanta.