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Police: Multiple shooting victims in downtown Austin
#Breaking_News : Turkey coup attempt: Erdoğan calls military uprising 'treason'
Breaking_News : At least 60 dead in attempted Turkish coup
#Breaking_News :Turkish military declares taking over the country
Breaking News : Public broadcaster in Turkey is out of order !
Breaking News : Military jets and helicopters were seen flying on Istanbul and Ankara
#Bloody_14thofJuly : Was Nice terror attack the revenge for ISIS commander 'Omar the Chechen' termination?
#Bloody_14thofJuly : 'We must fight back' Vladimir Putin calls for action after Nice terror attack
#Business : Bayer ups bid for Monsanto to $125 a share
#Bloody_14thofJuly,#waronterror ,‘Security here is non-existent’ :Nice attack eyewitness said
#Bloody_14thofJuly  : Gruesome videos show aftermath of Nice attack ( video content)
#Bloody_14thofJuly,#waronterror : Toll death rises to 84 in Nice attack !
#waronterror,#Bloody_14thofJuly for France ,80 dead in terroristic attack on Nice.
#Chicago_Chronicles : Man charged with murder in shooting of 13-year-old boy
#Chicago_Chronicles : " 2 shot to death in Englewood " CPD reports
#Mistery : Police is investigating after 9-year-old girl found a newborn baby with umbilical cord and placenta still attached.
#Social,#Media : Ethiopia has blocked social media sites across the country
#Politics, #UK : Theresa May  became Britain's prime minister
#Miami_Chronicles : Woman shot, husband dead after robbery
#LosAngeles_Chronicles,Black Lives Matter : A circle outside LAPD To Draw Attention To Deadly Cop Shootings
Africa :  'Over 150 killed' in South Sudan fighting
#Texas_Crime : Dallas Cop Protected A Man From Gunfire
#Media, #Business : Google announces acquisition of Anvato, to complement Google Cloud services
#Health, #Science, #Business : What's in cigarette smoke? Most people don't know