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Purple Rain is out ! 10 essential Prince's songs

Purple Rain is out !


Prince has died at the age of 57.

News broke earlier today that a death was reported by Minneapolis television station KMSP at Prince's Paisley Park recording studio. It was later confirmed to be Prince. 
For four decades, the Purple One revolutionized music and pop culture with his innovative projects and style, from his hit songs and various name changes to his film debut in the iconic Purple Rain.
Below, we've collected 10 of our favourite and essential songs by the one and only Prince.

‘Little Red Corvette’

Prince uses the automobile as a metaphor for a one-night stand but, as a testament his skill, it does not come off as sleazy (OK, maybe just a tiny bit). If anything, Prince seems intimidated by his companion, the “little red corvette” in this case, and pleads with her to slow down and find a “love that’s gonna last.” And in the ultimate compliment you can make to someone while comparing them to a car: “I say the ride so so smooth/ you must be a limousine.” While this song is great for obvious reasons (one being that it’s a total jam), it also marks a monumental moment in music history that is often overlooked. In 1983, the video for “Little Red Corvette” was one of the very first to be played on MTV featuring a black artist — Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” was the first. — Jesse Kinos-Goodin

“7” is one of those Prince songs that I find myself forgetting about more often than not, but once it’s in my ears it gets in my head, camps out there for several days in a row and I still can’t get enough of it. Released in 1992 on the Love Symbol album, the song opens up with layers upon layers upon multi-tracked layers of Prince’s vocals. It’s almost a minute of pure Prince piled high until we hear a note of the music, an Indian-inspired instrumentation that Prince funks up with drums and bass. — Judith Lynch

A distinctly ‘80s-sounding song about a doomsday party in the ‘90s, ahead of the apocalyptic year 2000, “1999” is one of Prince’s most famous songs. Even if you didn’t know Prince was behind this infectious pop staple, you’ve definitely heard this song at some point in your life. And wherever it is that you heard it, it was guaranteed that you would dance along because doom and gloom be damned, Prince’s music will always be a joy to hear and experience. — Melody Lau

'17 Days'

My favourite Prince song is a B-side. I found “17 Days” in my dad’s record collection as part of a double 7" vinyl package for “Girls & Boys.” “17 Days” wasn’t even mentioned on the front of the sleeve, but I remember being blown away by the arrangement and the trance-inducing refrain of “Let the rain come down/ let the rain come down/ let the rain come down, down.” Years later when he played “17 Days” in concert in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre on acoustic guitar, I was ecstatic because it was such a deep cut in his catalogue. — Del F. Cowie

‘Purple Rain’
Anyone who's a Prince fan will know of his hit song "Purple Rain." Though released in the '80s, this love song transcends the test of time. It's pure and authentic — ingredients that make it a classic. His lyrics — "I never meant to cause you any sorrow/ I never meant to cause you any pain/ I only wanted one time to see you laughing/ I only wanted to see you/ laughing in the purple rain" — describe the reality of what could happen in a loving relationship. The power of the guitar, at various stages throughout the song, strikes a chord. Definitely one of my favourite songs of all time. — Kiah Welsh

‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’
The first single from Prince's second album, "I Wanna be Your Lover" ended up being the singer's first top 40 hit — and from the first note, it's obvious why. Prince's falsetto assures that he "ain't got no money" — but that he'd “turn you on, turn you out, all night long, make you shout” — over the most danceable disco-pop. Which isn't surprising — we are talking Prince here. — Holly Gordon

'Let’s Go Crazy'

From his smash album Purple Rain, “Let’s Go Crazy” was Prince’s second number 1 on the Billboard Top 100 chart, and the opening lyric in the song went on to become a staple in pop culture: “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.” Now more than 30 years old, the song hasn’t aged a bit, still retaining the ability to get people not just moving but losing their ever-loving minds on the dance floor. — JL

‘When Doves Cry’

This hit was literally the song of 1984's summer — it was Prince's first U.S. number 1 single, as well as the top-selling single of the year — but it's a perfect stand-in soundtrack for any summer. The A-side to "17 Days," "When Doves Cry" is probably the Prince song you know even if you don't really know Prince. It also gave us the killer line, "Maybe I'm just like my mother — she's never satisfied," which we've all been throwing at ourselves, better or worse, since 1984. — HG

‘A Case of You’ (Joni Mitchell cover)
This is simply a beautiful interpretation of a Canadian classic released on the 2007 Nonesuch tribute record to Joni Mitchell. The song is made lightly funky, but still packs an emotional impact, especially when Prince goes into his glorious falsetto. It’s something a little unexpected, but masterfully performed. — Jeanette Cabral

'Black Sweat'

Thirty years into his career, Prince continued to innovate on songs like the great "Black Sweat," off of his 2006 album 3121. With its bombastic beat and larger-than-life synth parts, the song twist and turned as Prince's signature falsetto guided us through yet another classic funk jam. — ML

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