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Latest Update for Chicago Fire Department :Alcohol turns off the thirst and command position of John McNicholas

A high-ranking Chicago Fire Department official was under the influence of alcohol when he wrecked a department-issued SUV early Wednesday on Lake Shore Drive near North Avenue, according to officials.


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Fire Department Deputy Commissioner John McNicholas resigned his command position and "has since agreed to full separation from the Fire Department," according to Larry Langford, spokesman for the department. 


"The investigation thus far has found that McNicholas was operating his city vehicle outside of department policy, and that following a mandatory breathalyzer test that morning, McNicholas was driving under the influence of alcohol," according to a statement released by Langford.

Chicago police issued a citation to McNicholas for "negligent driving," Langford said, but it's not clear whether McNicholas cooperated with police after the crash. Chicago police didn't release any information.

McNicholas has since sent a letter to Fire Department Commissioner Jose Santiago resigning from his deputy position effective immediately, Langford said.

McNicholas “has been fully cooperative with the Internal Affairs Division of the department,” Langford said. He said the investigation is ongoing.
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