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Falling down of another hero :Is Zuma turning South Africa into a 'mafia state'?

President Zuma faces political storm as allegations emerge over influence of a powerful family on political decisions.
South Africa's President Jacob Zuma 
South Africa's President Jacob Zuma has, over the years, proved himself to be the ultimate political survivor.

Implicated in scandal after scandal, he has always managed to come out on top. But now Zuma is facing perhaps his biggest controversy yet.

He has been challenged on his relationship with the wealthy and influential Gupta family, who hold a range of business interests in South Africa.

This week, Mcebisi Jonas, South Africa's deputy finance minister, said members of the Gupta family offered him the top ministerial post.

That was after the finance minister, Nhlanhla Nene, was sacked.

Nene was a respected figure in the government but had a difficult relationship with Zuma. And his sacking was highly controversial.

The whole saga has now focused attention on the president's alleged network of patronage.
The ruling ANC party's secretary general has said that South Africa risks becoming a "mafia state" unless corruption is dealt with.

On this Inside Story, we look at President Zuma's links to powerful businessmen. And we ask, how are his scandals affecting the future of the ANC and South Africa?

Should Jacob Zuma step down?

The South African president is in deep trouble following the latest court ruling against him.

Jacob Zuma has long been considered something of an escape artist, evading several scandals since he first emerged into the political spotlight.

But events this week will cost him financially, and perhaps politically as well.

Zuma has been found to have violated the constitution, when he refused to pay back public money he had spent on home renovations.

Now opposition leaders are calling for him to step down, and suggesting impeachment if he does not.

Will this latest accusation be the one to sink President Zuma? And if so, what would be the fall-out for his party, the African National Congress?
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