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Fantastic Premiere on air by American Road Radio :Prayers for the Damned. latest release by  Sixx: A.M.
Purple Rain is out ,part II :Prescription painkillers found on Prince's body, official says
US severe weather alerts : Storms bring hail, strong winds, tornadoes to Plains
Evil Tourism : Welcome to Trasmoz,small village excommunicated.
US Politics & Election: Bad Luck happens in 3's part II
Politics & Election : Trump Says American Dream Is Dead, Is He Right?
Media & Human Rights : Four Iranian Journalists Jailed For 'Acting Against National Security'
U.S. Severe Weather Alerts and Tornado Warnings :  Violent, destructive tornadoes possible in central U.S. Tuesday
Terror & Terrorism :Mukalla offensive kills 800 al-Qaeda militants, Saudi Yemen coalition says
Social Media & Human Rights :Turkish-Dutch journalist detained over Erdogan tweet
Terrorism vs ordinary people :English professor stabbed in the neck at bus stop
Back to the Future:Arizona Walmart Shooting: 2 Officers Shot, Suspect Killed
Latest Update - Ohio home massacre :at least 8 dead and no arrest
Latest Update  for Chicago Fire Department :Alcohol turns off the thirst and command position of John McNicholas
Former bus driver Maduro,Venezuela dictator,turns off the lights and ignites the thirst.
 Homemade Terrorism : 2 UK men sentenced over IS-inspired drive-by shooting plot
Breaking News :7 dead at 3 crime scenes in Pike County, Ohio