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Dark sense of Humor anti-Donald Trump : Large and Expensive Tombstone pops up in Central Park.

Someone appears to have spent a lot of money staging an anonymous, anti-Donald Trump art project in New York City over the weekend. 

'Made America Hate Again' reads the epitaph

Either that, or the Easter Bunny has a dark sense of humour.

Whatever the case, colourful eggs weren't the only things waiting to be found by visitors at Central Park on Sunday morning.

ABC News reports that a tombstone bearing the name "Donald J. Trump" was spotted in the Sheep's Meadow area of Central Park early Sunday.

Engraved with the Republican presidential candidate's year of birth, 1946, the tombstone did not show a year of death.

It did, however, include a short epitaph: "Made America Hate Again."


While some media outlets are now reporting that images of the tombstone are Photoshopped, a spokesperson for New York City's Parks Department confirmed to NBC Sunday evening that its workers had "hauled the gravestone away."

Instagram and Twitter posts indicate that at least a few people were able to snap photos of the headstone before it was removed "in accordance with the park's strict no-littering policy."

A local Instagram user whose handle is @sachinrb told New York's PIX11 that he took a photo of the tombstone at approximately 8 a.m., local time, and that park authorities came to clean it up shortly afterward.

It is not yet known who placed the headstone in Central Park, how they managed to do so, or what it cost to pull the whole thing off.

What we do know is that Trump still lives, breathes and tweets.

At publication time, he was in the middle of a rant against fellow Republican candidate Ted Cruz, whom he refers to as "Lyin' Ted" on Twitter. 

It can also be presumed that this tombstone wasn't actually erected by the Easter Bunny, as rabbits have neither the strength nor the means to do such a thing.

Trump has yet to address the tombstone situation publicly, but it is unlikely that he installed it himself. The real estate mogul received approval to build a private cemetery at the Trump National Golf Club, in Bedminster, N.J., last summer.

It has long been speculated that Trump's intention is to be buried on a golf course — not in Central Park.

This story will be updated with details about who may have installed the tombstone as they come.
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