Top Story :Injured hiker thanks man who carried him 2 miles to safety in Malibu

A couple was out for a hike in Malibu on New Year's Day when they ended up becoming heroes for an injured man. 

Dan Reardon and Dina Zaky said they were out enjoying the day along the hiking trail in Escondido Falls when they came upon the injured man, Mark Martinez.

Martinez was out for a hike with his wife and family when he fell while attempting to make his way down a cliff.

His family attempted to move him, but he was in too much pain. That's when Reardon and Zaky crossed their path.

Zaky ran two miles up the trial to get to a location with cell phone service and she called 911.

Reardon, a former emergency room doctor in the United Kingdom and now the founder of a fitness training company, put Martinez on his back and helped carry him more than two miles up the trail.

"I didn't believe it until he actually picked me up and he started helping me," Martinez said. "There should be more people like him out in the world and I'm grateful he was there."

Reardon said it was a team effort to get Martinez to the emergency crews waiting with Zaky.

"It was collectively, it was a big team effort. At the times he wasn't on my back, his brother and I were helping him hop a few steps," Reardon said. "His wife was there cheering him along, you know, Dina ran two miles to go get help."

Martinez suffered a broken leg and ankle, but said he is thankful Reardon and Zaky were there to help him.

Martinez's wife gave flowers and cards to the couple and said they've become friends and will stay in touch.

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