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Story by Sexy Groove Radio : Stacey Dash Vows To Sue Strip Club, I'm Not A Stripper!!!

Story by Sexy Groove Radio

Stacey Dash is going after a strip club she says is sullying her Fox News image by plastering her pic on its flyers.

According to Stacey ... Deja Vu, a DTLA strip club, jacked a pic from her 2006 August Playboy shoot and used it to promote a birthday party for one of their employees ... Tony, in case you were wondering. 

Stacey says she obviously is not a stripper but the club is telegraphing something different. She also says she never gave the club permission to use her image.

Stacey tells us it's all pretty simple ... she's going to sue.

We reached out to Deja Vu ... so far no word back.

***Stacey Dash was born in the Bronx, New York. Stacy knew that she wanted to act, and from an early age began to act professionally. She made regular appearances on The Cosby Show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and also St. Elsewhere. At 21 she made her feature film debut in Enemy Territory, which was quickly followed by Moving, in which she played Richard Pryor's teenage daughter. Four years later she was in Mo' Money, with Damon Wayans. In 1994 she starred with Mark Wahlberg in Renaissance Man. In 1995 she did the provocative erotic thriller Illegal in Blue and later that year got her big break when was cast as Dionne in the hit comedy Clueless. She went on to star in the UPN sitcom Clueless that was based on the movie, and which lasted for two years. During that time she completed Oliver Stone's Cold Around the Heart and also the independent film Personals. After leaving "Clueless" in 1999, Stacey seems to be moving along nicely. She has recently appeared in The Painting and Paper Soldiers.  


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