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Story by Sexy Groove Radio : Stacey Dash  Vows To Sue Strip Club, I'm Not A Stripper!!!
#Chicago_Chronicles : Man dead, 8 wounded in separate city shootings
Denver shooting: One dead after motorcycle gang clashes
Women Planet : The domestic violence in Australia became "A national disgrace" !
#Business: Fall in pre-tax profits by Sky .
When smoking is bad,e-smoking too ! "This young guy is going to be scarred for life."
Civil Rights : Battle begins in Italy parliament over gay civil unions
Oregon Standoff Turns Violent: 8 Arrested, 1 Dead
Jidahist Madness : Milwaukee man arrested after allegedly plotting mass shooting to 'terrify the world'
World Premiere for perfect and absolute masterpiece by Dream Theater band,'The Astonishing' on America Road Radio
Hollywood : Oscar nominations announced
Breaking News : Active shooter reported at Naval Medical Center in San Diego.
Repentless,the latest studio album by American thrash metal band Slayer playing on air by American Road Radio.
Bob Margolin’s exciting new album, “MY ROAD” released on January 2016 playing by American Road Radio
The 'American Contagion' : There are still deadly school shootings in Canada
American Road Radio,the special video-list by the radio with the same name
Today,January 22 Megadeth releasing the new album 'Dystopia'.'Dystopia ' goes on air by American Road Radio.