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Health :The U.S.’s First Ever Penis Transplants Planned For War Vets

The first penis transplant performed in the United States could happen in the next few months.

Surgeons at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine say they are preparing to conduct penis transplants, the New York Times reports. An estimated 1,367 men have suffered genital wounds in Iraq or Afghanistan between 2001 and 2013, the Times says.

There have only been two reported penis transplants, with only one successful procedure. The surgery has not yet been performed in the United States, but Johns Hopkins has the permission to perform 60. The process is considered experimental and the hospital will consider whether to make it a standard surgery. Johns Hopkins is currently in the process of identifying possible candidates.

A penis from a recently deceased donor will be attached to the recipient, with blood vessels and nerves connected. When the recipients’ nerves grow into the transplant, the hope is that they will regain sexual function and also be able to have children. The recipients will take anti-rejection medication for the rest of their lives.
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