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Top Story : Former NFL player Anthony Smith convicted of 3 murders

Former NFL player Anthony Smith convicted of 3 murders.

Former Oakland Raiders defensive end Anthony Wayne Smith, accused of killing
four Southern California men over the course of a decade, was convicted on
Thursday of three murders, with a mistrial was declared for a fourth count.

The 48-year-old onetime National Football League star, whose original 2012
trial likewise ended in a hung jury over the same slaying, faces a sentence of
life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The defendant, dressed in white slacks and shirt and a dark jacket, leaned
forward in his chair watching as the clerk read the verdict in a Los Angeles
County Superior Court packed with victims' relatives.

Alicia Tribble, a sister-in-law of two of the victims, sobbed and muttered
"Thank God" as Smith was pronounced guilty on three counts of first-degree
murder, along with special allegations of kidnapping and torture that carry the
maximum prison term.

Afterward, deputies handcuffed the defendant and led him out of the

Defence lawyer Michael Evans said he would likely file a motion to set aside
the guilty verdicts, saying jurors "didn't follow the law and were confused how
the law applies."

Smith's prosecution stands as one of the most serious criminal cases brought
against a string of NFL veterans in recent years, the majority of them on
charges of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Hernandez, formerly of the New England Patriots, is serving a life
sentence after a jury this year found him guilty of murdering semi-professional
football player Olin Lloyd in an industrial park in 2013.

Hernandez still faces charges of killing two men outside a Boston nightclub
in 2012. Former NFL running back Lawrence
Phillips, serving time in a California prison for domestic violence
and vehicle theft, was charged in September with murder in the strangling death
of his cellmate.

Smith, a first-round 1990 draft pick of the Raiders, and an 11th pick overall
for the NFL that year, played all seven seasons of his pro career for the
Raiders, first in Los Angeles and then in Oakland.

Two murder convictions stem from the November 1999 slayings of brothers Kevin
and Ricky Nettles, who prosecutors said were abducted from a car wash by Smith
posing as a police officer and were found fatally shot the next day. The third
involved the June 2001 beating and stabbing death of Dennis Henderson.

In court prosecutors never offered theories for motives behind the killings.

"Justice will be served," Tribble said after Thursday's proceedings. "We
won't bring them back, but at least the person who is responsible will pay for
what he has done."

The jury deadlocked 9-3 in favor of a guilty verdict on a fourth count of
murder in the October 2008 killing of Smith's associate Maurilio Ponce, who was
found shot to death on a roadside. Because the panel failed to reach the
unanimous decision required for a verdict in criminal cases, the judge declared
a mistrial for that count.

A separate jury in 2012 split 8-4 in favor of a guilty verdict in the Ponce
death, leading to a first mistrial. Two co-defendants tried with Smith were
found guilty, but their convictions were reversed on appeal.

Prosecutors said they would decide by Dec. 21, the date set for Smith's 
sentencing, whether to retry him again in that case. 
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