Chicago Chronicles :Chicago gang members targeted 9-year-old boy shot in alley, say police

Chicago gang members targeted 9-year-old boy shot in alley, say police.

A Chicago man was charged with first-degree murder Friday in connection with 
the slaying of a 9-year-old boy who police say was lured from a playground and
shot in the head because of his father's gang ties.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said the suspect, Corey Morgan, 27, is a
gang member with an extensive criminal history. McCarthy said two other men,
including one jailed on an unrelated gun charge, also are suspected in the death
of Tyshawn Lee, who was shot in an alley near his grandmother's home on Nov. 2.

Prosecutors allege Morgan was intent on settling the score after an October
shooting killed his brother and injured his mother in a months-long gang feud.
But his attorney, Jonathan Brayman, said Morgan "absolutely denies" being
involved in the boy's death.

McCarthy said the three men's precise roles were still under investigation,
but that all were members of the same gang.

"They're going to be obliterated. That gang just signed its own death
warrant," McCarthy said during a news conference.

Tyshawn's slaying shocked a city already grimly familiar with gang violence.
The fourth-grader was shot at close range — in the head and back. McCarthy
praised local residents, saying they overcame fears and risks of retaliation to
come forward and offer tips to police.

"If you have a monster who's willing to assassinate a 9-year-old, what is
that person likely to do if they know that somebody's cooperating with the
case?" McCarthy said at a news conference.

Chicago Violence Boy Shot Funeral

A mourner holds the program for the funeral of
9-year-old Tyshawn Lee at St. Sabina Church on Tuesday on Nov. 10 in Chicago.
(Brian Jackson/Chicago Sun-Times/Associated Press)
Investigator allege Morgan was looking for targets after an Oct. 13 shooting
that killed his brother while he and his mother were in a car, prosecutors said
during a hearing Friday. Morgan later said he "was going to kill grandmas,
mamas, kids and all," and that he and the other two suspects went out armed
every day looking for targets, prosecutors said.

The three men spotted Tyshawn in a play lot where he had climbed onto the
swings after setting his basketball down beside him, prosecutors said.
Investigators allege one man approached the boy, dribbled the basketball and
handed it back to Tyshawn before leading him into an alley while the other
suspects followed in an SUV.

One of the men shot the boy multiple times at close range, prosecutors said.
One bullet cut through the boy's right thumb, suggesting he was holding his
hands out to block the gunshots, according to an autopsy report.

Authorities said Morgan was a convicted felon with an extensive violent
criminal history.

Detectives have not recovered the murder weapon, but they believe only one
person fired because all the spent bullet casings were from a single gun,
McCarthy said. 

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