Breaking News : Hostage situation reported in northern France

Hostage situation reported in northern France.

Hostage Situation Reported in French Town Near Belgian Border

A hostage situation was reportedly taking place in northern France, near the border with Belgium, on Tuesday afternoon.
Several people have been injured in the town of Roubaix,according to the Reuters news agency, reportedly by gunshot wounds. A local media source said there was ongoing police action with probable shots exchanged.
Intervention de police en cours avenue Delory. Probables coups de feu échangés. Plus d'infos à venir dès que possible.
Prise d'otage en cours, plusieurs blessés.
At least one conspirator from the Paris terror attacks of Nov. 13 is still on the run.
A hostages situation was reported Tuesday in the northern French town of Roubaix, which is near Belgium.
Medical services reported several gunshot wounds at the scene.

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