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Alarm for Health :Brazilian state calls Zika fever alert
Late Update-Fatal Shooting in Colorado Springs :Three killed in attack on Colorado abortion clinic
Chicago Chronicles :Chicago gang members targeted 9-year-old boy shot in alley, say police
Thanksgiving day :Obama says U.S. is safe as millions set off on Thanksgiving travel
Chicago Copland : Obama Sends Thanksgiving Message About Teen Shot By Chicago Cop
'You’re dead': police thought man trying to kill spider was attacking wife
Great dictatorship grows on crimes :Venezuela opposition figure 'killed'
Chicago Chronicles :5 shot in separate shootings on the South Side
Four killed in military helicopter crash at U.S. Army base in Texas
Chicago Chronicles:City of Chicago releases video showing white police officer fatally shooting black teen
Breaking News : Hostage situation reported in northern France
Breaking News : Warplane crashes in Syria near Turkish border
Muslim Planet - Sharia Islamic law : Saudi court sentences Palestinian poet to death for apostasy, rights group says
Breaking News-Terrorism :Egypt hotel hit by fatal twin blasts – reports
#ParisBloodBath : 'Suicide belt' dumped on Paris street
#Business : Fiat Chrysler is Giving Free College Tuition to Employees’ Spouses and Kids
#Business : Pfizer, Allergan Poised for $150 Billion Merger
Gunfight : Sixteen people injured in New Orleans park shooting
Italian Pure Blood - Argentina presidential election: Mauricio Macri brings conservatives to power
Breaking News : Small blast at Tokyo's Yasukuni shrine.
Late Update :Myanmar mine landslide 'kills 90'