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Election 2016 Report :10 Reasons Marco Rubio Will Win the GOP Nomination for President

If you've seen the 2016 Republican Power Rankings list, you may wonder why Marco Rubio has been at the top of the list for over 2 months now. The answer is a simple one: Fundamentals. When you analyze what creates winners in the long run, Rubio has the best arguments for each time and again. Of course anything can happen. Campaigns can collapse with one wrongly-phrased sentence. But right now, Rubio is the least likely to fall in that kind of trap. Here are the 10 major reasons Rubio has the best shot, right now, at winning the GOP nomination.

1.  Acceptable To Both Establishment and Conservative Republicans

Rubio is one of the few candidates with broad support within the Republican Party. He is well-liked by the more "establishment" wing of the party as well as tea-party Republicans. Rubio has been hit for his previous support of comprehensive immigration reform by "purist" commentators (many now backing Donald Trump without any sense of irony) but it hasn't hurt him with tea party supporters like many erroneously assume. A September poll by CNN found Rubio's support with tea party supporters greater than most of the field, including tea party favorites Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.
Who else? Bush, Kasich, and Christie all fill the typical "establishment" role, and all would be seen as a disappointment by grassroots conservatives. Carson, Cruz, and Trump all play to the grassroots but aren't feasible to the establishment for a variety of reasons (the establishment is rightly concerned with winning, and will happily take a conservative who can win). Walker was once solid here, but is currently in a free-fall, while Fiorina is a wild-card. Her lack of electoral experience and a highly-attackable business record make her a little risky for many establishment Republicans. (But of the outsiders, she is the most acceptable as she does so many thing so well.)

2.  The Invisible Primary

The so-called "Invisible Primary" is the time between when candidates announce and when the primaries are held. This is where the candidates work to build state organizations, raise money, and prove they have what it takes to be the nominee. Rubio has done well raising money, even before his strong debate performances, and is building a healthy 50-state strategy. The invisible primary is where candidates rise and fade behind the scenes, and some candidates have unexpectedly fallen while other have risen. Jeb has been stuck in neutral, and Scott Walker and Rand Paul have been going in reverse. Expect a number of important fence-sitters to start to fall Rubio's way sooner rather than later. Rubio is likely the front-runner for the more-important-than-you-think Romney endorsement.
Others: Jeb has the money to build an organization, but his stumbles have the non-Bush loyalists looking elsewhere. Carson and Fiorina will struggle to pull in the top support and have the ability to organize the state-by-state operations needed to win on election day.

3.  Generational Appeal

One argument Rubio loves to make is a generational one. He wants to be the candidate of tomorrow, as half of the Republican field and all of the Democratic one represent "yesterday." Rubio hopes to connect with younger and minority voters, a point of struggle for recent GOP nominees. His top-notch digital campaign - and youthful persona in general - is well-suited for such a task. The field has many young candidates including Walker, Paul, and Bobby Jindal, but none have the Happy Warrior feel that made many candidates like Joni Ernst so successful in 2014.

4.  Best Communicator

With the exception of perhaps Carly Fiorina, no candidates is as impressive as Rubio at debating, speech-giving, and media-handling. Presidencies can be won or lost on the debate stage, and few have proven as capable as Rubio under the lights. He can answer just about any question with confidence.
Rubio also avoids using recycled conservative cliches. He's rarely caught off guard and doesn't have the word stumbles that have plagued fellow contenders Scott Walker and Jeb Bush. Ben Carson is decent at giving speeches, but incredibly underwhelming in debates. Ted Cruz is good on content, but his melodramatic, televangelist vibe can be off-putting to many and this has hurt his numbers to some degree.

5.  Back Story

Marco Rubio has a great story that can helps him connect with voters. Romney and McCain both lost the "empathy" vote and an out-of-touch Hillary lends an opening for the GOP. Walker, Jindal, Fiorina, and Carson all have compelling life stories as well, so it is not necessarily an advantage in itself. However, Rubio's very personal and often emotional way of selling that story is a strength. Jeb Bush and Donald Trump have upbringings quite a bit less compelling.

6.  Experience - Not Too Much, Not Too Little

Marco Rubio often gets compared to Barack Obama, but that isn't exactly fair. With roughly 2 decades of electoral experience - including as Speaker of the Florida House - Rubio has progressed nicely through the political world from the bottom up. But he doesn't exactly have a resume that punches you in the face, and that may actually be helpful.
While Rubio has enough experience to be considered successful, he doesn't have so much that it becomes baggage. In this age, the more you've accomplished, the easier you are to destroy. Ask Mitt Romney. Being a Bush is bad enough for Jeb, and Carly's impressive business resume will undoubtedly be used unfairly against her big time. While being less accomplished may appear an odd argument to make, sometimes less is more.

7.  Hard To Attack

Tying into the previous point, Rubio has proven very difficult to attack. Democrats did not waste time going after Rubio after he announced, but so far the best they could throw his way has been a few parking violations and the time Rubio drank from a bottle of water. (Not kidding.) He doesn't make a lot of gaffes, and he doesn't make a lot of dumb mistakes. Some candidates are just naturally easy to accomplish because of the jobs they've held, the families they belong to, or because they have regular gaffes easily used against them. (And if you have to constantly apologize for something you said using the "Political Correctness" defense, you are doing politics wrong.)

8.  Knowledgeable

While Rubio may not have the "experience" others have, it seems he is unmatched on policy. He's dominant on foreign policy and has the broadest understanding of the world. On Domestic policy, he can hold conversations on economics and social issues as easily as he can discuss football and pop culture. He's easily the most well-rounded candidate in the policy department.

9.  Creative Solutions

Rubio is one of the few candidates to reveal unique policy proposals on a broad range of subjects. He has a compelling economic and tax plans and he is the only candidate to make higher education reform a centerpiece of his campaign. Rubio is not one to push proposals that have been floating around for years, instead focusing on developing new ideas targeted at voters beyond the base.

10.  Electable

Electability may be the biggest factor in determining the GOP nominee. At the end of the day, voters want a winner, and that usually overrides any "purity" test, though Rubio is sufficiently conservative. The first 9 reasons listed above lead into the argument that Rubio will also be viewed as the most electable. Early polls (internal data) tend to back this up, and many top Democratic strategists publicly view Rubio as the toughest potential Republican.

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