Thousands of refugees arrive by train and bus in Germany

Thousands of refugees arrive by train and bus in Germany

Thousands of migrants and refugees have arrived by train and bus in cities
across Germany overnight, reports the Association Press. Police say a special
train with 570 people on board arrived in the Thuringian town of Saalfeld late
on Saturday. More than half of them were taken onward to Dresden, where a school
for German army officers has been cleared to provide temporary shelter for 350
newcomers. Trains also took migrants to Hamburg in the north and Dortmund in the
west of the country, while buses brought more than 300 people to Berlin.
Thousands more people, mainly Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans fleeing war and
persecution, are expected to arrive in Germany and Austria from Hungary on
Sunday. The refugees were allowed to leave Hungary on Saturday after the country
opened its borders with Austria.

The migration crisis dominates the Sunday papers. Here’s a look at what is
being reported in some of the papers:

The Observer

The Observer reports that a former president of the European
commission has claimed Britain’s failure to live up to its “moral
obligation” to accept a fair quota of refugees from Syria will damage David
Cameron’s hopes of achieving a successful renegotiation with Brussels. As the
first group of what is expected to be some 10,000 people was greeted in Munich,
Romano Prodi, a former Italian prime minister and commission
president, condemned Britain’s stance on the crisis and warned of dire
consequences for Cameron ahead of the UK’s in/out EU referendum.

The Sunday Times

Quoting “senior sources”, the Sunday Times says David Cameron is
prepared to accept 15,000 refugees from Syria and wants military action
against Isis militants within a month. George Osborne, the chancellor, said the
solution to the crisis required action against the “evil” regime of Bashar
al-Assad and Isis, in what the newspaper says is a clear signal that the
government is preparing to bomb Syria.

The Mail on Sunday

The Mail on Sunday has commissioned a Survation poll, which suggests that the majority of
British people would vote to leave the EU in the wake of the migrant crisis
engulfing the continent. If a referendum were to be held tomorrow on whether to
remain a member of the union, 51% of British people would vote no.

Sunday Telegraph

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, has written an article for
the Sunday Telegraph in which he says Britain should
“crush” Isis by taking part in military action in Syria. Carey says that it
is not enough to send aid to Syria and admit thousands of refugees to this

Sunday Mirror

The Sunday Mirror claims people smugglers are luring ­refugees aboard their
boats by offering desperate families free places for
their children. The newspapers’s investigation discovered traffickers have
drawn up a “tariff” of prices to tempt migrants on to perilous crossings from
Turkey to Greece.

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