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WHITNEY TRAGEDY :Book alleges Bobbi Kristina was addicted to drugs at 14

Book alleges Bobbi Kristina was addicted to drugs at 14.

By age 14, Bobbi Kristina Brown was already suicidal, hooked on drugs and veering dangerously down her mother’s doomed path, according to a new book.

Ian Halperin’s new tome, “Whitney & Kristina,” portrays Bobbi Kristina as a wild child who grew up essentially motherless — and Whitney Houston as too consumed by her own drug demons and sexuality issues to be a proper parent.

The book emerges more than five months after a drug overdose left Bobbi Kristina, 22, comatose. The daughter of Houston and singer Bobby Brown has still not regained consciousness.

According to Ann Davis, who is related to Bobby Brown’s mother, Bobbi was first committed to a psychiatric hospital for observation before her 15th birthday after trying to stab her mother before slashing at her own wrists.

By the time Houston’s 15-year marriage to bad boy Brown ended, it was too late to set things right.

Mother and daughter were already at each other’s throats, and Houston’s own drug problem wasn’t going away.

Halperin theorizes that a root cause for Whitney’s escalating, out-of-control behavior may have been that she was never allowed to declare her love for Robyn Crawford, a friendship that began as teenagers after they met at a local community center in East Orange, N.J.

The two were so tight that even then there were rumors.

Those rumors reached the mainstream press after Crawford remained so close to Houston that they lived together in the early years and continued to share a hotel room when the superstar toured. Houston adamantly denied she was a lesbian.

Even Bobby Brown expressed doubt as to Whitney’s real motivations for marrying him.

“The media was accusing her of having a bisexual relationship with her assistant,” he wrote in his memoir. “In Whitney’s situation, the only solution was to get married and have kids.”

Crawford, now a marketing consultant who is openly gay, resigned from the superstar’s production company in 2000. Whitney’s worst years were to come — as were Bobbi’s.

Bobbi, who had accompanied her mother to rehab in Antigua just before the shaming reality series “Being Bobby Brown” first aired in 2005, started needing her own stints in recovery wards.

When a friend of the teen’s sold photos of Bobbi snorting coke at two separate parties, her mother reportedly canceled a planned 18th birthday extravaganza and packed her off to rehab. As Halperin points out, Bobbi’s excess was no surprise.

While Houston was on tour and seemingly in another drug spiral, “17-year-old Bobbi was left to her own devices in Atlanta, where she had taken up with a hard-partying crowd, including the boy who had moved into her house three years earlier, Nick Gordon.”

Halperin, author of the Michael Jackson bio, “Unmasked,” puts to lie the sweetly innocent version of how Nick Gordon — Bobbi’s fiancée or husband, as he claims — came to live with the diva and her daughter.

According to the long-floated story, Gordon was a 12-year-old orphan and Bobbi a mere child of 8 when Houston took the boy in.

In fact, Bobbi was 15 and already spiraling downward when she asked Houston if her 18-year-old friend who had been kicked out of his house could stay with them.

On Jan. 31, after ex-boyfriend Max Lomas discovered Bobbi facedown in a tub of cold water just days before the third anniversary of her mother’s very similar death, Gordon claims to have administered CPR.

While talk of suicide has risen, Halperin also theorizes Bobbi could have been subjected to what is known in junkie circles as “the plunge.”

Extremely medically unsound, the practice involves plunging an overdose victim into cold water while administering slaps to revive them.

On Feb. 11, 2012, Houston, 48, accidentally drowned in a bathtub in the Beverly Hills Hotel, the outcome of the “effects” of heart disease and cocaine. Houston died in debt, but the immediate demand for her music quickly restored the fortune to an estimated $20 million.

According to the will, Bobbi was the outright heir due to receive the first installment of 10% on her 21st birthday in 2014.

Two months before the birthday that would make her at least $2 million richer, Bobbi posted a tweet announcing she and Gordon were married. Not long after Bobbi’s big day, estate executor Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law, took out a restraining order against Gordon claiming he had been tweeting “terrorist threats.” Gordon had been busy establishing an arrest record even before Whitney died. In 2011, there was a melee at a gas station in Atlanta after which Gordon faced charges for waving a Glock.

Gordon allegedly immersed himself with shady characters in the local drug scene, with Bobbi in tow.

Parties at their place went long and hard into the night.

“The crowd she hung out with was out of control,” a friend of Bobbi’s told Halperin. “The past couple of years she hung with a bunch of crazies, they were wild and reckless.”
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