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Will There Be a Memorial Day DUI Crackdown Nationwide? Texas Criminal Lawyers Weigh In

Will There Be a Memorial Day DUI Crackdown Nationwide? Texas Criminal Lawyers Weigh In

DALLASMay 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Texas Department of Public Safety has issued a release stating it will increase its patrols for the weekend leading up to Memorial Day. Through the holiday, troopers will keep a close lookout for drivers suspected of driving while under the influence of alcohol, speeding, or other traffic violations, the DPS has said. According to the Texas based criminal defense attorneys of the Broden, Mickelsen, Helms & Snipes law firm, such efforts are typical this time of year due to an increase in related violations. The state department's statistics show that more than 400 drunk driving arrests were made and over 5,000 speeding citations were issued in Texas during Memorial Day weekend last year. The law firm, which handles Texas DWI and DUI cases, is one of many that sees an increase in calls from people arrested for drunk driving or cited across the country as individuals get a weekend jump start on Memorial Day celebrations nationwide.
Other states with disconcerting DUI related Memorial Day weekend arrest data include California, which sees nearly 1,500 annually, and Arizona and Washington state, with public safety departments of each reporting hundreds of arrests being made for suspected intoxicated drivers during the short time frame. 
A number of state agencies have initiated campaigns to reduce instances of DUI and other problematic driving behaviors that lead to thousands of arrests and citations during the marked unofficial start of summer. In addition to Texas, agencies in states like Coloradohave also issued releases about their plans to increase law enforcement visibility on roadways, noting past reckless behaviors among drivers. 
Source: Journal-Advocate Report "DUI checks ramping up for holiday"
"As Coloradans celebrate the holiday, they may head to concerts, barbecues or other events where alcohol or marijuana may be consumed," said Darrell Lingk, Director of the Office of Transportation Safety at CDOT. "CDOT urges everyone across the state to plan ahead and have a safe way home. That cab ride home will be cheaper than a $10,000 DUI. It's simple — if you drink or consume marijuana, don't drive."
Tips for Staying Safe
This Memorial Day weekend, drivers everywhere can take precautions to decrease their chances of putting themselves or others at risk of harm by not drinking after consuming alcohol, and eliminating various distractions while in operation of their vehicles. The Texas Department of Transportation outlines safety guidelines for travelers online, and notes several tips for those arranging travels for the upcoming holiday in its recent release.
Individuals who do find themselves in a legal predicament such as dealing with a DUI arrest after traveling to a Memorial Day event, can contact an attorney where the incident occurred for help with understanding their legal options. A qualified DUI attorney can help those arrested for suspicion of DWI or DUI understand what the legal blood alcohol content level is for that particular state, and what the law says about other key factors concerning their arrest.
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