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TOP STORY- Failed migrant: 'Trip to Europe too dangerous'

Failed migrant: 'Trip to Europe too dangerous'.

Saliou Ndiaye set off from Senegal last July with the intention of making the dangerous crossing over the Mediterranean to Europe.

But after surviving a gruelling desert trip to Libya and escaping from rebel capture, the 30-year-old would-be migrant was deported back home - more than $3,000 (£2,000) the poorer.

He tells the BBC's Raissa Ioussouf in Dakar about his seven-month journey and why he was prepared to risk his life, but would not do so again:

I wanted to go to Europe because it is well known that you earn a lot there. In Senegal there is nothing; you can't find a job.

I used to work as a painter here and would only earn 3,000 CFA francs ($5; £3.20) per day. But what can you do with that little money?

I have two older brothers and three younger brothers; they also have trouble finding jobs. One of my older brothers moved to Mauritania.

I spoke to my friend who lives in Italy on Skype, and he told me that I should go through Libya, and that I would need to pay 400,000 CFA francs for transport; it took me four years working on a construction site to earn the money I needed.

When I asked my friend if it was easy to get to Italy he told me that you suffer a lot during the journey.

The UN estimates that 60,000 people have already tried to cross the Mediterranean this year
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