Alien Wears Apollo 17 Astronaut Suit In NASA Photo? Face ‘Doesn’t Look Human,’ UFO Researcher Says

Astronauts landed on the moon six times between July 1969 and December 1972, and UFO researcher have been claiming that NASA’s Apollo moon missions definitely encountered not only UFOs but actual aliens. One prolific UFO YouTube researcher has spotted what he believes is evidence that aliens actually suited up in Apollo astronaut space suits.
At least, that’s what the UFO researcher Streetcap1, who has “discovered” numerous examples of UFO and alien sightings from old as well as recent NASA space photos, believes he sees in this photo of one of the two Apollo 17 astronauts on the lunar surface during what proved to be the final time NASA — or anyone — landed a human being on the moon.
But that’s no human being! Or so says Streetcap1.
“Well am I crazy?,” the UFO archivist asks, perhaps rhetorically. “Don’t look like a human face to me. Also why is the Sun Visor raised – surely he would go sun blind.”
Here is the NASA photo taken during the Apollo 17 moon mission that sparked the YouTuber’s imagination.
NASA Apollo 17 astronaut — or alien?
UFO YouTuber Streetcap1 believes the face inside the helmet belongs to an alien.
Apollo 17 blasted off on December 7, 1972 — more than 43 years ago. Three days later, the spacecraft reached the moon and began orbiting. The day after that, on December 11, the lunar module, manned by astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmidt, landed on the lunar surface.
The two astronauts left the lunar module three times over the following three days, spending a total of just over 22 hours walking — and driving — on the surface of the moon.
During one of those EVAs — extra vehicular activities, as NASA called the astronauts’ excursions outside the landing module — the above photo was snapped, one of dozens sent back from the moon.
But according to the UFO researcher, there’s something odd about this one. Streetcap1 enhanced and zoomed in on the photo, as seen in the video above.
Here is the closest magnification he achieved.
Apollo 17 alien face
Is that the face of an alien behind the glass sun shield? Or is it astronaut Eugene Cernan?
And here, for sake of comparison, is Apollo 17 Commander Cernan, as he appeared in 1972 at age 38. Cernan became, to this day, the last human being to set foot on the moon, as he re-entered the landing module for the final time after Schmidt was already inside.
Does the face inside the space helmet look like an alien. Or is Streetcap1 simply looking at a 42-year-old photo of Cernan, filtered through the lens of a overactive imagination. NASA, of course, never comments an any matter UFO or alien. But Cernan himself once said that UFOs came from “some other civilization.”

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