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ISIS claims to kill Japanese hostage in online video
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Alien or Human Astronauts?
Alien Wears Apollo 17 Astronaut Suit In NASA Photo? Face ‘Doesn’t Look Human,’ UFO Researcher Says
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Philippines mourn 44 police commandos; terror suspect hunted
'Revenge Porn': a Type of Online Harassment Thats Growing .
Chiudono bimba nel furgone, al gelo, e vanno al lavoro
Toshiba: utile in crescita a 339,4 mln di dollari nel terzo trimestre  
Mps cede in Borsa, -6% al minimo storico
Elena Ceste: arrestato il marito
Cuban president wants Guantanamo Bay back
#Business Draghi e Padoan tra testimoni citati a processo agenzie rating . 
Special Inquiry about sex and society: Welcome to Paradise: inside the world of legalised prostitution