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Gale Crater on Mars Shows Evidence of Ancient Water

For the first time ever, X-ray diffraction was used to measure the terrain of Mars in a effort to reveal the geological evolution of the planet NASA's Curiosity rover is currently studying the Martian terrain with it's 10 scientific instruments. One of those tools called the CheMin (Chemistry and Mineralogy instrument) includes an X-ray diffraction/X-ray fluorescence (XRD/XRF) unit specifically designed for high energy experiments on the surface of Mars.
patterns and out croppi ngs that suggest a complex geological history. These features might be evidence of alien liquid water and even primitive microbial life. The roving laboratory finally arrived at its prime destination, Aeolis Mons, otherwise known as Mount Sharp to obtain some samples of the Martian mountain, the central feature of the Gale Crater. Since Curiosity arrived three years ago, it's travelled nearly six miles across Mars. Three out of those five samples analyzed by CheMin were drilled from mudstone, sandstone and soil from the mountain Closer examination of Martian rocks and soil revealed a complex composition. The material shows evidence the surface might have been influenced by flowing water. The study also confirmed the presence of clay and hydrated sulfur-based molecules. CheMin is relatively small but can carry out powerful X-ray experiments to determine rock and soil composition amidst the harsh alien environment. Its diminutive size, however, is preventing the rover from obtaining more small samples. This study was published by the International Union of Crystallography.
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