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AT&T Stops Tracking Wireless Customers, Verizon Holds on to System

AT&T Stops Tracking Wireless Customers, Verizon Holds on to System

What these numbers mean is that sites can use a whole database about individuals
and the sites they visit on mobile devices, but also what apps they use, sites
they visit and how much time they spend on those locations.

Since traditional tracking methods, such as cookies, which are extremely
popular on desktop computers aren’t effective on monitoring people’s behavior on
mobile devices, these telcos thought it was a good idea to come up with a new
method that is even more invasive than the cookies. While cookies will track
what sites you use, they won’t step away from the browsers and look into what
other apps you use on your computer, such as the tracking numbers do.

AT&T said that it used the tracking number as part of a test, although
they didn’t sound too convincing about it. Either way, they promise that the
testing period has now reached its end and the idea has been pushed aside.

Edmonds did say, however, that AT&T may still end up launching a program
to sell data collected by its tracking number. The telco added that this would
only happen if customers choose for this to happen and that customers will be
able to opt out of the ad program and not have the numeric code inserted on
their device.

Considering the massive threat to privacy this tracking number poses, it’s
hard to believe that anyone will say “yes” to this proposal.

Verizon, on the other hand, is still hanging on to its tracking program. A
spokesperson with the company said that they were evaluating it all, just like
with any other program.

The huge telco uses this system to identify the users’ behavior and offer
advertisers information about users. Verizon insists, however, that the data
isn’t connected to a users’ identity and that everything is anonymous when it
gets to the advertisers.

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