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Amazon Wants to Test Drone Delivery System, Seeks Pilot

Amazon Wants to Test Drone Delivery System, Seeks Pilot

Amazon is getting really serious
about its drone delivery system. Although it has said that it will be a few
years before the service is up and flying, it looks like the company is trying
to recruit a drone test pilot.
When Amazon announced the Prime Air delivery system about a year ago,
we all laughed about it before we realized that they weren’t joking and that it
wasn’t just a publicity stunt ahead of Black Friday.
Since then, others have expressed an interest in joining in, while Google has
revealed that they have been working on a similar tool for years.

It looks like things are getting serious, however, even though Amazon hasn’t
exactly gotten permission to launch the service just yet, given all the
paperwork and regulations needed for drones to be allowed out and about
delivering products.

The company is looking for an experienced individual, with five year’s flight
test experience, either military or civilian, and an engineering degree. That
means that if you’re passionate about flying your quadcopter in your backyard,
you’re out of luck.

There are two spots open for this job. One is in Seattle, where Amazon’s HQ is, and
the other in Cambridge, UK. There’s also a job opening as flight safety manager,
which is reportedly supposed to stop those looking to target practice on
Amazon’s drones from actually firing.

(Gabriela Vatu)

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