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#Business |Lords of War : Saudi Arabia first, India second and Pakistan third largest arms purchaser.

Saudi Arabia first, India second and Pakistan third largest arms purchaser; reveals US report.


A United States Congress Research report has revealed that India has emerged as the second largest purchaser of arms among developing nations after Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

The latest report says that that arms supply to India was sanctioned in view of regional situation which is “a matter of ongoing concern to the United States because of long-standing tensions between Pakistan and India”.

Arms deliveries to developing nations, 2008-2015: The leading recipients (in millions of current US dollars) rank recipient deliveries value 2008-2011- (1) Saudi Arabia 13,000,(2) India 11,100 (3) Pakistan 7,200 (4) Algeria 5,500 (5) Egypt 5,000 (6) South Korea 4,500 (7) China 4,100 (8) Venezuela 4,100 (9) Israel 4,000 (10) U.A.E. 3,700.

Between 2008 and 2015, India purchased defence equipment worth $34 billion, which is a distant second after Saudi Arabia’s $93.5 billion, said the report ‘Conventional Arms Transfers to Developing Nations 2008-2015’ released by Congressional Research Service (CRS). As the name reflects, CRS is an independent bipartisan research wing of the US Congress.
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