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#US_Election,#US_Politics :Italian 'land artist' etches Donald Trump's face across 6 acres of corn

VERONA, Italy, Nov. 3 -- An Italian "land artist" created a six-acre portrait of U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump using a tractor and a corn field.

Dario Gambarin, an artist famed for his corn field portraits of subjects including President Barack Obama, Pope Francis and even an Ebola virus, used a tractor to etch Trump's likeness in a corn field along with the Republican's name and the word "ciao."
Italian 'land artist' etches Donald Trump's face across 6 acres of corn.
Gambarin said his "land art" portraits usually disappear on their own in 5 or 6 days.

"I am an artist/painter who has been creating land art for ten years, creating a series of famous people like Obama and the Pope," he wrote. "No land is ruined with my art and I work with my imagination."

Statue of bare-breasted Hillary Clinton being groped removed from New York street.


A statue of a bare-breasted and goat-legged Hillary Clinton being groped caused a confrontation in downtown New York before police ordered it removed.

The statue, which depicts the Democratic presidential nominee with her breasts bared while being assaulted by an unknown bald man -- thought by some to represent the candidate's husband, former President Bill Clinton, or a generic Wall Street Banker -- was erected Tuesday morning outside Manhattan's Bowling Green station by artist Anthony Scioli, 27.
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