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#Donald_President: Demonstrators gather for third night in Dallas, fearing consequences of Donald Trump presidency

The third demonstration in as many nights against the coming Trump-Pence administration was scheduled to take place Friday evening at Dallas' Main Street Garden.

Several hundred people apiece took part in anti-Trump rallies Wednesday and Thursday at Dallas' AT&T Plaza and Dealey Plaza, respectively, before embarking on spirited, meandering marches through downtown Dallas and Uptown. The events have echoed similar outbursts in other cities across the nation, including Austin and Denton.

Friday's protest was organized by the Next Generation Action Network (NGAN), the group behind Wednesday's event as well as numerous demonstrations against police-involved shootings over the summer - including the July 7 gathering after which a gunman targeted officers, killing five and wounding nine.

Most protestors have been less concerned less about the integrity of the election results than the policy changes they fear a Trump-Pence administration will bring, especially for women, Muslims, minorities and the LGBT community.

"It is our duty to practice civil disobedience and resist the direction this country is headed in," the NGAN said in a pre-rally statement.
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