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#Hurricane Matthew: Florida hit by 'monster' storm after hundreds killed in Haiti

#Hurricane ,the Monster

Hurricane Matthew has already ripped through Haiti, with the number of people killed rising rapidly into the hundreds on Thursday, Reuters reports. 

The total differs between different government agencies and committees, but a Reuters tally of deaths reported by civil protection officials at a local level showed the storm killed at least 339 people.

Earlier on Thursday, a meeting of emergency workers including representatives from the government, the United Nations and international aid agencies said 283 had been killed.

“We have nothing left to survive on, all the crops have gone, all fruit trees are down, I don’t have a clue how this is going to be fixed,” said Marc Soniel Noel, the deputy mayor of Chantal.

Four people were killed over the weekend in the Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. 

Many victims were killed by falling trees, flying debris and swollen rivers when Matthew hit on Tuesday with winds of 145 miles per hour.

Most of the fatalities were in towns and fishing villages around the western end of Tiburon peninsula in Haiti’s southwest.

The storm passed directly through the peninsula, driving the sea inland and flattening homes on Monday and Tuesday.

The devastation in the Grand’Anse capital of Jeremie is evident in these pictures.

According to a report from Unicef on Thursday, telecommunication to Grand’Anse has been re-established, confirming that more than 11,000 people in that area have had their homes destroyed in the storm. That’s in addition to the more than 5,000 in the West.

The only road connecting the capital of Port-au-Prince to the South is inaccessible after a bridge collapse on Tuesday. A presidential election scheduled for Sunday has been postponed as a result of the devastation.

Affected areas are experiencing outbreaks of disease, including cholera, Zika and dengue fever, which could be worsened by conditions. Les Cayes, for example, is completely flooded, and many diseases are water-borne.

Access to clean water and sanitation is therefore at the top of the priority list.
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