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#waronterror : Indian Intelligence agencies warned Bangladesh of ISIS terror strike in Dhaka .

New Delhi, July 4: 
Over the last month, Indian intelligence agencies shared warnings with their Bangladeshi counterparts about a possible terror strike by the Islamic State or ISIS, said a senior Bangladesh Security official. Although the warnings did not contain details of the exact plot, it procured evidence of Bangladeshi extremists training at secret facilities in India. Additionally, the Indian agencies also warned of an increase in ISIS propaganda within Bangladesh. 

“The Indian warnings were one of many pieces of intelligence that jihadists were planning a major operation. There were some pieces of the puzzle available to us, but not enough to piece together a picture of the plot,” a Bangladeshi security official told The Indian Express. Investigators in Bangladesh are now looking at the possible training and logistics made available to the terrorists responsible for the Dhaka siege.

Daesh, or the “Islamic State” had issued threats of targeting Bangladesh in April 2014 through its online magazine, Dabiq. The group claims to operate in the country through Jama’at-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) which has sworn allegiance to the international terror outfit. However, the authorities have not found any link between the “home-grown” terrorists and the ISIS.

In 2014, India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) probed an explosion at Burdwan facility in West Bengal. The probe revealed that the facility was used by extremists for training in bomb-making skills. In September 2015, another training camp was discovered by local police authorities in Daukhanagar, a village in Assam.

Earlier this year, seven militants were arrested with alleged links to JMB in Daukhanagar and Amgrui, villages in Chirang district of Assam. A total of 29 arrests have been made in this area since September last year.

“There are large, fairly ungoverned areas along the India-Bangladesh border where arms training could pass undetected for quite some time,” an Assam Police officer told the daily newspaper. “Things are further complicated by the fact that there are a large number of criminalised insurgent groups in the region, who could potentially be providers of assault rifles and other weapons.”

The attack in a cafe in Dhaka’s diplomatic area killed 20, mostly foreigners. Although IS has claimed responsibility for the attack, the Bangladeshi authorities have dismissed not just their claim but also their presence in the country.
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