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#US_Politics, #Donald_President,#Miami_Chronicles : Donald Trump Coming To Miami Friday

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is scheduled to be in Miami on Friday.

Trump will deliver a speech in the afternoon at the DoubleTree Hotel Miami Airport & Convention Center. The event is closed to the general public.


It was originally billed as a “policy speech.” On Thursday, Trump’s campaign said the real estate billionaire’s speech would be about “Succeeding Together.” Before the speech, Trump will meet with local politicians and fundraisers.

He’ll be also be visiting a Cuban American landmark – Cafe Versailles

And polls show the Hispanic vote will be crucial if he wants to win Florida.

State Representative Carlos Trujillo is among the handful of invited guests who’ll have lunch with Trump at Cafe Versailles.

“I think Trump will do well with the Hispanic vote. I think his message resonates with a lot of Hispanics and I think it’s encouraging that he’s coming down to spend time in Miami, one of the gateways to Latin America,” said Trujillo.

Late Thursday night, Versailles released a statement regarding the visit. It read:

“Versailles Restaurant has served nearly every Republican and Democratic Presidential nominee for the last four decades because we embody the culture and passion of Hispanic immigrants and refugees. Beyond just serving food, Versailles represents the industriousness and entrepreneurial spirit of the US Hispanic community. This passion is on display every day thanks to our servers, cooks, hosts and, most importantly, our patrons. These are the people that Mr. Trump and will engage with at Versailles. We hope that Secretary Clinton will have this opportunity too so that both will gain greater perspective about the priorities and sensibilities of Hispanics through these encounters.” – Versailles Restaurant

The last time Trump was in Florida was June 11th for a rally in Tampa. The last time he was in Miami was last October when he held rally at his Trump National Doral golf resort.

Trump’s “remarks” come about a week before the Republican National Convention.

While Trump may be closing in on who he’d like to be his running mate, on Wednesday two senators who had reportedly been on a short list said “no thanks.”

Bob Corker of Tennessee dropped out of the running, saying “there are better ways for me to serve” and that he cherished his position as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Joni Ernst of Iowa said she can best help a President Trump from her place in the Senate.

Corker had appeared with Trump at a rally in North Carolina Tuesday night, and Ernst had met with him in New Jersey on Monday.

Yet another potential running mate, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia, appeared with Trump Wednesday night in Ohio. Gingrich delivered an eight-minute introduction of Trump and then beamed offstage when the presumptive nominee pledged that, if he was elected, “Newt Gingrich would have a role in the government in one form or another.”

“I am not saying it’s Newt,” Trump said of the VP search. “But if it’s Newt, nobody is beating him in the debates.”

Trump’s praise of Gingrich came during an otherwise scattershot speech that delivered a well-organized attack on Clinton’s email server investigation but then careened to more than a half-dozen complaints about the media coverage of his campaign.
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