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#4thofJuly, #Miami_Chronicles : Baby taken from mom found safe; man wanted on kidnapping charge

Lake Mary police are looking for a man who they say took a baby from her mother's home without permission. 

The man, who investigators say may be the 4-month-old's father, showed up about 5:30 p.m. and pushed or hit people who tried to stop him as he left with the child, Capt. Mike Biles said. There was a family gathering at the home at the time.

Someone pulled a car in front of the man's to try to stop him, but he crashed into it and drove away, investigators said. The car stopped working near the Maitland exit on Interstate 4, and the man gave the baby to his grandmother, who took it to the Eatonville home of someone both sides of the family know, Biles said.

Police retrieved the child, who was unharmed, and returned her to her mother.

The 21-year-old man is wanted on charges including kidnapping, burglary, battery and domestic violence. Witnesses told police that he is homeless.
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