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#waronterror in Afghanistan: Over 40 ISIS fighters killed in Nangarhar clearance raids

Over 40 ISIS militants were killed and around 44 others wounded during clearance operations Afghanistan's in eastern Nangarhar province. 

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) in a statement yesterday said the operations were conducted in Kot district of Nangarhar covering Bandok, Zara Bandok, Jajal Ghondi, Sepa Ghondi, Bahadur Baba villages and its surrounding areas. The statement said that the hideouts of the terror group were also destroyed and the mentioned areas were cleared from the presence of ISIS militants. The Ministry of Defense added that the local residents did not suffer any casualties in the operations. 

Earlier the Ministry of Defense had said at least 37 ISIS loyalists were killed and around 40 others were wounded during the operations launched in response to a major attack launched by the terror group on Friday. Following the attack, the Afghan and the US forces stepped up raids against the terror group in Nangarhar province.
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