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#US_Politics: Today Donald Trump said : “our country lost its way”

Donald Trump is suggesting that “our country lost its way” when it began to prioritize globalism over a focus on the United States’ own interests.
Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump links Bill Clinton's trade policies to Trump's general election opponent, Hillary Clinton in a speech Wednesday in Manhattan. | Getty Images
Speaking Wednesday at one of his Manhattan hotels, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee says that has “devastated” the American middle class. He says that’s largely due to trade policies enacted under President Bill Clinton’s administration.

Trump says the trade policies were “to the detriment of the American worker,” and he’s linking his general election opponent, Hillary Clinton, to her husband’s policies.

He claimed that Hillary Clinton “sold out our workers” and “she gets rich by making you poor.”

He played off Clinton’s “I’m with her” campaign slogan, by declaring: “I’m with you, the American people.”

Trump also said Hillary Clinton is “a world-class liar.”

Among her lies: Trump says Clinton misrepresenting the danger she faced during an airport arrival in Bosnia, which she said happened in a combat zone.

Trump also slammed Clinton and her husband for using their public sector influence to enrich themselves.

He said Clinton spent “her entire life” raising money for special interests and has “taken plenty of money out for herself.”
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