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#Health : What has killed hundreds of tons of fish along Vietnam’s central coast ?

There is still no official finding on what killed hundreds of tons of fish along Vietnam’s central coast. Sort of. Authorities announced in early July they had determined what caused the mass fish deaths, but would not detail how or who was responsible until the end of the month.
Vietnamese protesters demonstrate against Taiwanese conglomerate Formosa during a rally in downtown Hanoi on May 1, 2016. Around a thousand people poured into Vietnam’s two major cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to protest against Taiwan’s Formosa, which operates a steel plant which they claim is causing mass fish kills due to pollution in Vietnam’s central coast. (HOANG DINH NAM/AFP/Getty Images)
The incident, and the follow up from various government departments at provincial and national levels, caused genuine outrage across the country. There were protests in several cities demanding answers.

A steel mill operated by the Formosa Plastics Group in Ha Thin province, where the fish first started washing ashore, has been fingered as the likely culprit. That the government flagged that they know the source of the toxins that killed the fish but not make it public for several more weeks is certainly an odd development.

There has been much in this incident, both from the authorities and Formosa, that could be used as a case study in how not to manage a crisis. Perhaps they are playing a stop and hold strategy, waiting for the public’s attention to drift away, as it inevitably will.

There is a lot at stake, so those behind the scenes trying to figure the best way to spin things is understandable. Formosa have invested $10 billion of a promised $28 billion in this steel plant and adjoining port. This is a huge investment for the province.
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