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Breaking News-Terrorism :Suicide car bomber hits heart of Afghanistan's Kabul

A suicide car bomber has blown himself up near the defence ministry in the heart of the Afghan capital Kabul, police said. 

Qais Azimy, reporter from Kabul, said the explosion went off in the centre of the city at a busy time.

"What we know from police sources is that a suicide bomber, who was driving a vehicle with explosives, detonated himself targeting a convoy of Afghan army near the defence ministry building," Azimy said.

"Witnesses are telling us the attack was followed by some gunfire. The Afghan police believe there could be a number of attackers in one of the buildings nearby."

Unverified images shared on social media appeared to show a thick plume of black smoke rising over the city.

There was no indication of the source of the blast, but rocket attacks remain relatively common in the city.

The US embassy said they were not affected by the blast. The NATO military coalition also said they were unaffected.


Sediq Sediqqi said the attacker had detonated a vehicle, leaving a huge plume of smoke over the city. There are fears of many casualties.

The blast happened in a residential neighbourhood close to the ministry of defence and military compounds.

A Taliban spokesman told AP the militant group was responsible.

It comes a week after the Taliban announced the launch of its "spring offensive".

The group had warned insurgents would "employ large-scale attacks on enemy positions across the country".
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