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Today,January 22 Megadeth releasing the new album 'Dystopia'.'Dystopia ' goes on air by American Road Radio.

Dystopia is the upcoming fifteenth studio album by American thrash metal band Megadeth that is due for release today January 22, 2016.
'Dystopia ' goes on air by American Road Radio.

by 'Rolling Stones':

Thrash-metal gods get wicked paranoid, find new focus

'Is Dave Mustaine running for president? The Megadeth mastermind and amateur doomsayer has packed the headbangers' 15th LP with enough fear-mongering to earn him a podium at a GOP debate, as he snarls about conspiracies ("The Threat Is Real"), the decline of Western civilization ("Lying in State") and a whole slew of hypothetical horrors, calling the world "one spinning disaster" on "Post-American World." It's pretty grim.'

Dystopia,the new album by American thrash metal band Megadeth has been scheduled for radio streaming by American Road Radio :

US EAST COAST :      6.00 pm;
US WEST COAST:      3.00 pm;
Central Europe :         24:00 (GMT + 1)

That's an American radio station playing Blues,Country and Rock

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