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As someone who appreciates a beautiful, stunning woman to lay eyes on, I also appreciate a true actress, one who lives and breathes the art form no matter what the medium. Luckily, once in a blue moon, nature will produce an actress who's both. To me, Scarlett Johansson falls under this category. 

She keeps herself busy all year round, whether she's a cat on a hot tin roof, or doing a favor for Joseph Gordon Levitt. At 29-years-old, ScarJo has an impressive filmography under her belt. This weekend, as if you didn't know, you can see her flipping around in a spandex suit in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, as she kills henchman with her inner-thighs (the best way to go in my opinion). And speaking of busy, Scarlett can also be seen in the weird, but cool-looking UNDER THE SKIN pin select theaters this weekend. So let us celebrate these releases in the best way possible: a video compilation of Scarlett's hottest movie moments! Enjoy.

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