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Media Scandal - Peter Mukerjea: India media tycoon arrested in murder case

Peter Mukerjea: India

media tycoon arrested in murder case.

Peter Mukerjea was arrested on Thursday night, following three days of questioning.

An Indian media tycoon has been arrested in connection with the murder of his stepdaughter, police said.

Peter Mukerjea, the former CEO of Rupert Murdoch's Star India network, was arrested on Thursday night following three days of questioning.
The murder of Sheena Bora, first thought to be Mr Mukerjea's sister-in-law but later found to be his stepdaughter, has gripped India.

Sheena Bora,the victim
Mr Mukerjea's wife, Indrani, is the main accused in the case.
Indrani Bora ,the wife of Mr Mukerjea
Indian media quoted officials from the country's federal investigation agency as saying that there was enough to indicate that Mr Mukerjea knew of the murder.
Mr Mukerjea and his lawyers are yet to make a statement although in the past he has always said he was innocent. He will be produced in court later on Friday.
The story, involving hidden identities, allegations and counter allegations and sensational arrests has gripped Indian media for weeks now.
The coverage has attracted criticism, with politician Shashi Tharoor calling it "breathless and hysterical".
Speculation grew after Mumbai's police commissioner Rakesh Maria, who was personally investigating the case, was removed from his position.
Police have also named Ms Mukerjea's former husband and her driver as accused in the case.
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