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'Botched' patient ( transgender woman) spent $200K on surgery to look like Jessica Rabbit ( choiced by Sexy Groove Radio)

She calls herself a "cosmetic concoction."

Jessica Rabbit's exaggerated curves don't come cheap and the latest patient on "Botched" is proof.

Meet Cassandra, a transgender woman who's already spent a small fortune -- about $200,000, she says -- on plastic surgery with the hopes of looking like the sexy cartoon character.

In a clip for Tuesday's episode of the plastic surgery show, Cassandra meets with Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow because she's having trouble breathing through her nose. She also wants to alter her waistline to better match that of the sensual Ms. Rabbit. During her consultation, Cassandra outlines all the procedures she's had done, including her breasts, hips, butt, brow, lips and cheeks.

"The only thing I haven't had done," she says, "is my heart."

Right off the bat, the doctors are in awe of Cassandra, who calls herself a "cosmetic concoction."
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