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TERRORISM : Egypt says police killed militants who attacked Italian consulate

Egypt says police killed militants who attacked Italian consulate.

Egyptian security forces on Friday killed nine militants who took part in a
bomb attack at the Italian consulate in Cairo in July, the Interior Ministry

The ultra-hardline Islamic State group, which has supporters based in Egypt's
Sinai peninsula, had claimed responsibility for that July attack which killed
one person.

The Interior Ministry said three policemen were wounded in an exchange of
fire with what it called "terrorists" killed in a raid on a house in Cairo on
Friday. It said they were found with weapons, including belts used for suicide

Hours before the Interior Ministry issued a statement, officials told Reuters
that security forces killed nine members of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in
the same operation. The group, whose top leaders have been sentenced to death in
what human rights groups call unfair trials, says it is committed to peaceful

"The Brotherhood members clashed with security forces," said one of the
officials, adding that they were meeting to plan what he called "terrorist

Egypt's government describes militants as terrorists and makes no distinction
between the Brotherhood, which renounced violence decades ago, and groups like
Islamic State and al-Qaida, arguing they share the same ideology.
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