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In Moldova, Tens of Thousands of Protesters Are Demanding the President’s Resignation

In Moldova, Tens of Thousands of Protesters Are Demanding the President’s Resignation.

Huge anti-corruption demonstrations in the
Moldovan capital Chisinau have entered their eighth day, with protesters calling
for the government’s resignation and early elections.

About 20,000 people took to the streets Sunday to demand an investigation
into why an estimated $1.5 billion vanished from three Moldovan banks, reports
the BBC.

Since protests began on Sept. 6, demonstrators have camped outside the city’s
central plaza demanding the resignation of the president, the general
prosecutor, the national bank governor and others, according
to Associated Press. They say authorities have failed to hold to account those
responsible for the fraud.

The state had to bail out Moldova’s Savings Bank, Social Bank and Unibank and
put them under special administration when the financial losses came to light in
November. An audit by financial investigation firm Kroll in May found the money
was siphoned out of the country in a string of complex transactions and dodgy
loans, reports
the Guardian.

Sandwiched between Ukraine and Romania, tiny Moldova is one of Eastern
Europe’s poorest nations. The fraud led to a sharp decline of the national
currency, the leu, and damaged standards of living for its 3.5 million

The government is yet to respond to the protesters’ demands.
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