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Here’s How a Facebook Post Turned a Doomed Wedding Into a Giant Party

Here’s How a Facebook Post Turned a Doomed Wedding Into a Giant Party.

When only a few guests showed up to Annette and Lior Solomon’s wedding in
Israel, a relative turned to Facebook for help — and around 2,000 people
apparently ended up at the event.

Several guests simply assumed the wedding had been cancelled, because the
bride’s father had recently passed away, Ynetnews reports. So a relative of the groom decided to post on
Facebook, hoping to spread the word and encourage well-wishers to join the

The relative, named Rivka, explained in the post that the bride lost both her
parents in the last two years, and now, she was at her wedding with nobody there
except a few relatives. “You don’t need a gift, you don’t need money,” Rivka
wrote. “Just come fill the auditorium, fulfill a mitzvah, and make a bride and
groom happy.”

The post began to spread across the social network, and soon, around 2,000
people showed up at the ceremony.

“These are the Israeli people at their best. The groom and bride cried,”
Rivka told Ynetnews. “Understand, at the wedding canopy they were alone. After
the story was published, people came to make them happy.”
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