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GOSSIP: LeBron James Exposes Penis On TV Before NBA Finals (VIDEO)

LeBron James Exposes Penis On TV Before NBA Finals.

LeBron James flashed his penis on national television before the fourth game of the NBC Finals. As he stood with teammates by the bench, James was readjusting his shorts with little attention paid to ABC’s cameras, and accidentally exposed his penis. See the video below, if you are so inclined.

Much has been made about James scoring 123 points in the first three games of the championship, the most all-time points scored through three games. But that statistic, which was actually flashed across the screen as James readjusted himself, seems to have been overlooked by his own accidental flashing of his penis. Naturally, the moment was caught on tape and shared on Twitter. The split seconds his member was exposed was even slowed up and spread virally on Vine.

After the NBA season, Lebron James will next be seen in the Amy Schumer movieTrainwreck, but he will not be exposing his penis in the R-rated film.

Neither the NBA nor ABC has commented yet on the unexpected flash. If you are intererested, check out the slowed-up Vine video below of LeBron James exposing his penis on national television.
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