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10 Things Your Hair Says About You, According to Research ( by Sexy Groove Radio)

10 Things Your Hair Says About You, According to Research :

Scientific research has shown that:

  • We can’t be sure if blondes have more fun but they do make more money,raise more money and gentlemen do prefer them.
  • Being well-groomed is correlated with better grades.
  • Good grooming is associated with higher wages for men but not women. And if you’re ugly and underpaid, guys, definitely shave.
  • Women who remove their pubic hair have better sexual function.
  • A number of factors go in to whether a girl is attracted to men with hairy chests.
  • Dyeing your hair does make you feel younger and looking young helps you stay young.
  • Men are more likely to date women with the same hair color as their mother.
  • Beards = sociable, mustaches = introverted, and stubble wins in both the smart and social categories.
  • Redheads are seen as dumber than blondes. Women with dyed hair or short hair are seen as extroverted.
  • Bald men are perceived as intelligent and shaving your head makes you look tougher.
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