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Bill Cosby Biographer Admits ‘I Was Wrong’ to Ignore Sexual-Assault Allegations

Bill Cosby Biographer Admits ‘I Was Wrong’ to Ignore Sexual-Assault Allegations 

As women continue to come forward with allegations of sexual assault against
Bill Cosby, several journalists have offered mea culpas for turning a blind eye
to the allegations and helping paint the comedian’s falsely wholesome image as
“America’s Dad.”

The latest among them is The New York Times’ David Carr, who on
Monday owned up to being one of Cosby’s “media enablers.”

In addition to admitting that he, too, opted out of addressing the
allegations in his”deeply unpleasant” Q&A with Cosby for an in-flight
magazine in 2011, Carr called out a list of culpable parties, including The
‘s Ta-Nehisi Coates, The New Yorker‘s Kelefa T. Sanneh,
and most critically Mark Whitaker, author of the nearly-500-page Cosby: His
Life and Times
biography. “Any book of the size and scope of Mr. Whitaker’s
should have gone there,” Carr wrote.

Whitaker has said he didn’t want to include anything that wasn’t confirmed in
Cosby, which he wrote in cooperation with the comedian. But on Monday,
he made it clear he was no longer defending his decision.

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